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June Trait: Dependability...fulfilling what I consented to do, even if it means unexpected sacrifice.


49 Focus Traits

OUR MISSION is to strengthen our communities by promoting excellence in character for all of our citizens. Each month, we provide information to individuals, organizations, businesses, churches, schools, and agencies which focus on one of 49 Character Traits. These traits are identified by Character First! Institute, of which the Prattville-Autauga Character Coalition is a member, as a good starting point. In this way, all interested parties are focused on the same character trait in Prattville and Autauga County.

The list is not a definitive list of good character qualities, yet they have a far-reaching and practical impact on our lives when balanced with one another. Each trait has a short definition, which allows us brief insight into that particular quality.

Alertness Hospitality
Attentiveness Humility
Availability Initiative
Benevolence Joyfulness
Boldness Justice
Cautiousness Loyalty
Compassion Meekness
Contentment Obedience
Creativity Orderliness
Decisiveness Patience
Deference Persuasiveness
Dependability Punctuality
Determination Resourcefulness
Diligence Responsibility
Discernment Security
Discretion Self-Control
Endurance Sensitivity
Enthusiasm Sincerity
Faith Thoroughness
Flexibility Thriftiness
Forgiveness Tolerance
Generosity Truthfulness
Gentleness Virtue
Gratefulness Wisdom

"One isn't necessarily born with Courage, but one is born with potential. Without Courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency."

Maya Angelou, poetess (1928- )

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